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      Welcome to the new H. T. Treadway Pest Control blog. We’ll be sharing helpful tips and information regarding our family-owned extermination business. Come back often for updates!

      Happy New Year!

      Treadway Happy New Years graphic
      Wishing you the best in 2021 (and a good riddance to 2020) from your favorite Pest Control company.

      14 Interesting Bug Facts

      Bugs and insects can drive any homeowner crazy. Whether it’s ants taking over the kitchen counters, crickets singing from the garage, or stink bugs finding their way through the tiniest of cracks, insects are relentless. You may not want to accept bugs willingly into your house, but they are a common part of homeownership, and

      Oh no, Bed Bugs?

      Closeup of bedbug from above
      If there is any pest that can disrupt a home, bed bugs have to be the worst. Not only do they cause physical harm, but bed bugs are also tricky to eliminate, forcing many out of their homes for long periods. Bed bugs in are more common in York, Hanover and Gettysburg than you may

      Oh Rats! (and Mice!)

      Wood mouse outside
      As the temperatures drop and local farmers from Gettysburg to York continue to clear their fields, mice and rats start looking for a place to hide during the harsh winter. What better place than in your home? It’s an indoor paradise that promises warmth, food, and plenty of places to hide away from outdoor predators!