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      Welcome to the new H. T. Treadway Pest Control blog. We’ll be sharing helpful tips and information regarding our family-owned extermination business. Come back often for updates!

      Aphid Removal

      aphids on blackeyed susan plant
      Fun pest control fact for the day. These are red aphids on a black eye Susan plant. Aphids are called ant cows because ants keep them in herds and “milk” them for their honeydew. Ants will actually guard aphids and shepherd them to new host plants once they destroy the old one. No pesticidal measures

      Fleas – Prevention and Control

      dog with fleas scratching
      Fleas are small, blood-sucking parasites that can cause significant discomfort for both pets and humans. These tiny insects can quickly infest your home, making life miserable for you and your furry friends. As a pest control company, we understand the importance of preventing and controlling flea infestations. In this post, we’ll share some handy tips

      Spotted Lanternfly Extermination

      Spotted lanternflies kill sapling trees, sumac, grapevines, and tree-of-heaven. Healthy and established ornamental trees don’t typically die but canopy dieback and plant health decline has been observed, particularly on some of spotted lanternflies favorites such as black walnut and maple. Additionally, sooty mold can kill groundcover plants that are below large populations of spotted lanternfly. 
      Clover mite
      Ever see those tiny red bugs on the concrete as a kid that, when crushed, leave behind a red-streaked stain? While clover mites are not harmful to human health or the viability of a home, they are certainly a nuisance and can be difficult to eradicate once established in a house.  Clover mites are small,

      Fleas: A Nuisance You Can Combat

      Flea close up
      It’s no surprise that 61% of Pennsylvania households have a pet. Not only do animals create happiness, but they also bring many health benefits, including lowered stress and blood pressure. While you may love your pet, the truth is you’re not the only one. Fleas also love your furry four-legged friends, and for homeowners in

      Identifying Termites vs Flying Ants

      Swarming Termite vs Flying Ant identification
      As the weather warms up and insects become more active, we’ve been spending lots of time on the phone lately helping customers determine if they have flying ants or swarming termites. Here’s what to look for when trying to tell the difference between termites and flying ants … Flying ants: Wings sit at a 45

      Ticks in York County, PA

      As the South Central Pennsylvania snow melts, many of us are enjoying the thaw and counting down the days to spring and summer. However, as temperatures warm, homeowners in Gettysburg and York, PA, should familiarize themselves with various pests that return this time of year, including ticks.  Should you worry about ticks? Ticks are external
      If there is one thing that every Pennsylvania homeowner can agree on, it is that cockroaches are unwanted creatures in their houses. Roaches are arguably one of the most germ-spreading pests that take up residence indoors and never leave. But, do you have all the facts you need to know about this pest?  What are
      termite damage
      Those fascinated by bugs and pests probably know a thing or two about the silent destroyers, termites. For the rest (and probably the majority) of the community, you may not be fully aware of how destructive these pests can be to a home.  Why are they called the silent destroyer? Homeowners typically don’t see or
      Treadway Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service Kills Coronavirus
      As we head into 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, making it vital for you to take precautions regarding germs and stopping the spread. By now, we all used to wearing masks and standing six feet apart to minimize the virus in Pennsylvania. While close contact with other individuals is the easiest way