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Wood Borers


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About Wood Borers

There are a number of insects that can be labeled wood borers.  The most destructive of these, the powder post beetle, is second only to termites in the amount of damage it causes each year.  Powder post beetles are rather unimposing small reddish-brown to black beetles varying in size from 3/32" to 7/32" long with a flattened body.    

  • Powder post beetles infest floors, studs, girders, lumber, paneling, furniture, to handles, gunstocks and various other wood items.

  • Powder post beetles infestations are commonly built into structures by using infested lumber and are often brought into homes in firewood.

  • Signs of a powder post beetle infestation are piles of very fine sawdust on or beneath the wood and small holes in the wood surface.

  • In hidden areas of your home, serious damage may be done before the infestation is found.

  • Adult beetles lay their eggs in the surface pores of wood.  The larvae, immediately upon hatching, begin to bore into the wood.

  • The larvae live in the wood, creating galleries as they eat.  Once full grown, the adult bores through the surface, pushing a fine, powdery wood dust out as they emerge.

If you suspect you have a powder post beetle or other wood borer problem, we can help.  Just call or email us to request information or an appointment.  Together we can solve your problem.

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