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Rodent Rock


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The Rodent Rock bait station simulates a landscape rock that could be found in any natural setting to lend itself as part of the habitat. This unique feature allows the pest control operator to set the bait station where it needs to be rather than out of sight where it has to be so the esthetics of the landscape are not affected. Like its earlier model it comes in Slate gray, Dark Granite, Light Granite and Sandstone colors. Its low profile and its camouflaged entry points makes it blend naturally into the surrounding landscape. It has a clam shell type opening that opens from the top by simply inserting the Rodent Rock key into the key hole on the front of the rock and turning ¼ turn. It unlocks and opens very quickly. Its inside compartment has a water proof baiting system that allows you to use block bait, pellet bait, liquid bait and even will hold a rat Kness snap trap. Now you don’t need to worry about the rain or yard sprinklers ruining your bait. Its patented quick release snap lock makes quick work of securing your block baits that will hold under any severe activity that may occur. The station comes with a salt pad that deters slugs and snails from entering your bait compartment and consuming the bait. The pad also is attractive to rodents as a salt lick. There is a predrilled ½” hole in the bottom to allow any kind of anchoring stake such as our popular “Cable Stake” to be used.  Each station has its own 5 year record punch card made of durable plastic that fits into its own punch card holder.  The station has a reinforced hidden hinge component that gives the station a more natural look without being seen as a hinge.  Best of all the station cost is much less than our earlier non clam shell model.  It’s the only rock that doesn’t know it’s a bait station.


Key Benefits

  • Life like 15" wide, 11" deep and 6" tall and weights 2lbs
  • Comes in dark granite, light granite, slate gray and sandstone
  • Blends easily with the natural surroundings

Please call or email for pricing and shipping information for this product.


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