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A clean house does not mean you won't have cockroaches.  Cockroaches hitch a ride in bags of potatoes, brown grocery bags, bunches of bananas, or anything with enough space or darkness for them to hide. 

Types of Cockroach

  • German Cockroach -   German cockroaches are pale to medium brown in color and about 1/2" to 5/8" long.  They can be distinguished from other roaches by the two dark stripes on the back of the head.   
  • Oriental Cockroach or Water bug - Oriental cockroaches are very dark brown to almost black in color and grow up to 1 1/4" long.  They prefer dark basements, beneath mulch in flower beds, and other high moisture locations.
  • American Cockroach known as the Palmetto bug in the South - The American cockroach is reddish brown with a band of yellow around the head and grows to 1 1/2" or more in length.  The prefer moist locations, such as under sinks, bathtubs, floor drains, damp basements and other warm moist locations.
  • Brown Banded Cockroach - Brown Banded Cockroaches are one of the smaller members of the cockroach family, growing to about 1/2" in length.  They are light brown with two lighter bands running across the base of the wings and abdomen.  They do not need to be located near moisture as the other members of the cockroach family require and are often seen in bedrooms, on ceilings, behind pictures and in closets.

Control Methods

  • A thorough visual inspection is the first step in controlling cockroaches
  • Keep countertops cleared, dishes washed and put away, pet food and water bowls washed and dried , food sealed in containers, and garbage removed or sealed.
  • Glue boards or sticky traps can help identify the problem.
  • Call or email us to request information or an appointment for cockroach control.

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