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Nuisance Ants


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The regular garden variety ants are probably the most annoying of general pests.  They invade your home and take every crumb as an invitation to move right in.  The following varieties are indigenous to this area:

  • Little Black Ant - very small (1/15" long), jet black, mostly outdoor nuisance
  • Pavement Ant - small (1/8" to 1/6" long), blackish-brown with paler legs and antennae.  Nests are usually found under stones, next to buildings, and under cracks of pavement and on occasion in walls, under floors, and in insulation.  They enter homes through cracks in the foundation or slab in search of food, sweet or greasy food being favored.
  • Odorous House Ant - very small, brownish-black.  When crushed, this ant gives off a very offensive odor.  Nests are built outdoors as well as indoors in walls and underneath floors.

Control Methods

  • Identify the problem ant.
  • Baiting systems may be used with varying degrees of success.
  • Contact a professional.  Call or email us to request information or an appointment for nuisance ant control services.

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